At the end of 2007, some colleagues at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities assumed the challenge of revitalising the publication “Proyecto Social” with great illusion. After a halt of almost five years we have the purpose to continue a journey which started back in 1991 in the former University School of Social Graduates in Teruel (Escuela Universitaria de Graduados Sociales). Its aim was to show the research done in fields related to the subjects taught in the different studies. With this very same aim, we have the intention to pick up the thread of the brilliant work of some professors in the Degree in Labour Relations and, also from now on, in the BA in Labour Sciences.

PROYECTO SOCIAL is an annual publication open to the unpublished work of all those researchers and scholars interested in sciences represented here under the scope of Labour Relations, Labour Sciences and Business Administration and Management. Topics treated may appear attractive especially in three areas: law, economics, and sociology.

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